About Us

Our success to date has been built on the efforts of a dedicated 
team. Over the years, we have built a reputation of providing honest, reliable and personalized service to our clients. We have also taken great pride in ensuring that they are extremely satisfied with our people, our professionalism, our company and our insurance products. As we move forward into the future we will continue to ensure that our clients feel supported by individuals that take the time to build trust in their relationships with them.

Our Team


124 Garafraxa Street South, Box 652, Durham, ON, N0G 1R0

Sheila Eccles RIB (Ont)
Dianne Miller RIB (Ont)
Vanessa Guse RIB (Ont), CAIB
Traci Blair RIB (Ont), CAIB
Janet Lawler RIB (Ont)

467 10th Street, Suite 200, Hanover, ON, N4N 1R3

Michael Craig RIB (Ont), Hon. BA, LLB, CAIB
Individual & Group Life Advisor
Ryan Craig RIB (Ont), Hon. BA, LLB, CIP
Lesia Ahrens RIB (Ont), CAIB, CPIB
Bonnie Becker RIB (Ont)
Cheryl McLean RIB (Ont)
Denise Bailey RIB (Ont), CAIB
Rob Garcia RIB (Ont), CAIB
Joan Doersam RIB (Ont), CAIB, CIP
Individual & Group Life Advisor
Joanna Ruffo RIB (Ont)
Jason Rahn RIB (Ont), CAIB
Dave Eccles RIB (Ont), CAIB
Andy Smillie RIB (Ont)
Wes Dietz RIB (Ont), CIP
Ben Dunlop RIB (Ont), BPHE
Kathy Monk RIB (Ont)
Morgan Best Reception/Administration
Sara Arsenault Reception/Administration

3 Absalom Street West, Box 280, Mildmay, ON, N0G 2J0

Jim Diemert RIB (Ont), CAIB
Mandy Riegling RIB (Ont)
Bonny Fischer RIB (Ont)
Chris Fischer RIB (Ont), CAIB
Sara Klooster RIB (Ont)
Leila Wood RIB (Ont)

12 Colborne Street South, Box 548, Walkerton, ON, N0G 2V0

Matt Reddon RIB (Ont), BComm, CIP
Heather Terwoord Accounting, RIB (Ont)
Bev Mcgilveary RIB (Ont)
Jenna Pellett RIB (Ont)
Crystal Foerster RIB (Ont), CAIB, CIP
Individual & Group Life Advisor
Amy Batte RIB (Ont)
Owen Riegling RIB (Ont)
Trevor Fischer RIB (Ont)
Stephen McConnell Individual & Group Life Advisor
Rebecca Matches RIB (Ont), CAIB, CIP
Individual & Group Life Advisor
Erin McConnell-Kenny RIB (Ont), CAIB
Janice Niesen Administration

Hills Insurance
177 High Street, Southampton, ON, N0H 2L0

Michael Hills RIB (Ont), CIP, CAIB
Louise Martin RIB (Ont)

192 First Street, Collingwood, ON, L9Y 1A7

Angela Kerr RIB (Ont), CIP, CRM

365 Queen Street South, Box 369, Paisley, ON, N0G 2N0

Beth Gregg RIB (Ont)
Rebecca Matches RIB (Ont), CAIB, CIP
Individual & Group Life Advisor
Kim Samuels RIB (Ont)

1-10 Trowbridge Street East, Meaford, Ontario, N4L 1G1

Eric Kerr RIB (Ont)
Angela Baker RIB (Ont), B.A.

RR #3 Wiarton, Ontario, N0H 2T0

Lorrie Byers RIB (Ont)