Do you run a long haul transport business? Do you have a delivery vehicle for your small business? Do you have a fleet or are you a single operator?

At CMR, we can tailor a commercial auto insurance policy that fits your needs and customize your protection to change with your company as your business grows and evolves.

We can arrange proper insurance coverage for all of the following:

  • Business automobiles / vehicles
  • Commercial trucks
  • Commercial vans
  • Commercial use trailers
  • Fleets
  • Garage auto policies

Contact CMR today and let one of our professional brokers help put together a policy that meets your specific needs.

Did you know?

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Many personal automobile insurance policies will not cover liability or property losses that occur when a vehicle is used for business purposes.

If you have five or more commercial vehicles, insuring your vehicles under one fleet insurance policy can be less expensive than insuring each one individually. Fleet insurance provides the same coverage and offers some added flexibility in that company employees can drive any vehicle in the fleet, as long as each employee is licensed.

If you drive a vehicle in Ontario you are required to have an auto insurance policy that includes certain mandatory coverages and limits. Operating a motor vehicle without this mandatory insurance carries a minimum penalty of $5,000.

If you use your vehicle for any business purposes, which includes driving for Uber, you’ll need to have commercial auto insurance or a special endorsement added to your policy to make sure you are properly protected.

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