As a professional, you are trusted for your expertise everyday. Professional liability insurance is the only way for you to mitigate the costs and legal expenses coming from claims of negligence from your customers. At CMR we can arrange the following types of professional liability coverage.

Errors and omissions insurance (E & O Insurance) protects business professionals (engineers, architects, doctors, lawyers, consultants, software developers, real estate agents, brokers, architects, travel agents, appraisers, contractors, etc.), whose clients could claim damages as a result of the their negligence, flawed performance, an error in judgement, or some omission by them.

Director’s & Officer’s Liability Insurance (D & O Liability Insurance) covers your damages and/or defence costs in the event that you are sued for alleged wrongful acts while acting in your capacity as a director or officer. It could be compared to an errors and omissions policy that protects the business, except in this case the directors and officers liability insurance policy protects the directors.

Malpractice insurance is purchased by professionals, most often medical professionals, to financially cover them in the event they are sued for malpractice. Malpractice is the act of causing damage or injury to a person or persons as a result of negligently performing a professional duty or intentional wrongdoing.

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Errors and omissions insurance protects you by shielding your assets, and by paying for your legal defence if a client makes a claim. This applies even when the legal action turns out to be groundless.

We offer solutions for both non-profit and for-profit D&O and can arrange a stand alone product that protects directors and officers of charitable, privately held and Canadian listed public companies.

A commercial general liability policy (“CGL Policy”) will not protect you from a professional liability claim. A CGL Policy only protects against bodily injury, property damage and some personal injury claims. You need a professional liability insurance policy to protect your business from potential negligence claims.

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