As a golfer, you know how much excitement a hole-in-one can generate. As a tournament sponsor, you need to be prepared to pay for the prize if a player shoots a hole-in-one. A Hole-In-One policy lets you enjoy the benefits of a competition while resting assured that your insurance covers the cost of the prize.

General Rules

Choose a golf hole and the amount of the prize. A tournament official must be stationed at the selected hole during the insured round of play. If a golfer aces the hole in accordance with the policy Warranties and Conditions (no mulligans!), your insurance takes care of the prize. There are minimum distance requirements for a hole to be eligible for hole in one insurance.

Delays and Cancellations

If you need to reschedule, your policy can be applied to the new date. You may cancel your policy before the scheduled tournament date, of course.

Did you know?

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The distance from the tee to the pin of each Selected Hole must be a minimum of 150 yards.

One tournament official must be stationed and monitoring play at each of the Selected Holes at all times during the Covered Tournament.

Coverage is only applicable, in an amount not exceeding the amount of insurance stated in the Policy Declaration, for the cost incurred in providing an award to the Participant who, during the policy period, makes the “first” Hole-In-One on the Selected Hole(s) in a Covered Tournament.

In the case of a Hole-In-One, certification of achievement must be made on the score card of the Participant achieving the Hole-In-One by the tournament official monitoring play at the Selected Hole, and all the Participants within the group in which the Hole-In-One was made.

The Tournament must be played in groups of three or four. No twosomes allowed.

A ball hit out of bounds and replayed does not qualify as a Hole-In-One. This would constitute a Hole-In-Three.

A “Participant” means an individual (not including a Golf Club Pro or a Professional Golfer) entered and playing in a Covered Tournament, for which a premium has been paid.

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