Navigating the legal system is stressful, time consuming, and costly. Thankfully, however, Legal Expense Insurance policies are now available which can help reduce the stress and uncertainty for individuals and business owners.

Legal Expense policies are like having a lawyer on retainer. It’s more than a policy; it’s knowing that you have full access to professional legal counsel and expense coverage when and if you need it.

Through your Legal Expense policy, you have access to a Legal Advice Helpline provided by DAS Canada. Your can call the Legal Advice Helpline from 8am-midnight (local time), 7 days a week, and speak with qualified lawyers on any potential legal issue. For example:

  • “My key supplier has failed to deliver goods paid for. What are my legal options?”
  • “I dismissed an employee who has commenced a wrongful dismissal action. What should I do?”
  • “My organization is being audited by the Canada Revenue Agency. What steps should I take to ensure it goes smoothly?”
  • “My volunteer has been charged under the Criminal Code for an action they did (or didn’t do) on the job. What do we do?”
  • “We have been charged for failing to abide by a provincial statute. What do we do?”

Did you know?

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Legal Expense coverage, offered through DAS Canada, pays for your defence from dollar one and that’s important when you consider a legal expense claim could cost:

  • $360 – average hourly cost of a lawyer
  • $26,444 – average cost of a two day civil trial
  • $5,000 – average cost of a one day criminal trial
  • 25+ hours – average length of a civil trial

The DAS Legal Expense coverage is very broad and is written with no deductible. In addition to their core coverage, you can mix and match optional coverages such as:

  • Contract disputes and debt recovery
  • Statutory licence protection
  • Property protection
  • Tax protection

The DAS Legal Expense Coverage offers the following additional benefits:

  • Unlimited access to personal and professional general legal advice and guidance
  • An enhanced ability to defend or pursue your legal rights
  • Access to specialized legal expertise within some of Canada’s most prominent panel law firms


If you have a legal question, simply call the DAS Legal Advice Helpline number located on your policy, provide them with your DAS policy number, and you will to speak with a lawyer who will provide you with information and guidance on the next steps.

There is no limit to the duration or number of calls. You are encouraged to call whenever you have a legal concern as this helps to minimize the risk of future complications.

Ask your CMR broker about the unique legal expense insurance coverage options available to you and have the peace of mind knowing that your legal rights and expenses will be covered.


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