We are happy to announce that the winner of the 2015 CMR Insurance Community Hero Campaign was Jennifer Smith! Jennifer was presented with an iPad Mini and a $100 Esso gas gift card for her sister Kelly who nominated her. Pictured below from left to right are Mike Craig, Jennifer Smith, Melanie Craig and Ryan Craig.

Jennifer was nominated by several people including her sister Kelly who said the following: “I am nominating Jennifer Smith. This young lady works for Harc in Hanover and she is one hard working lady. Over the winter months she works at a few stores in Hanover cleaning the floors so they are not slippery or wet, and she also removes the snow by the door ways. In the summer she cleans the streets of Hanover during the week and also on weekends. Jennifer works very hard for her money and she takes her jobs very seriously and would do anything she has been asked. She has had a very hard time finding jobs because she has difficulty learning some things but she has a heart of gold and no matter what she is always smiling each and every day. I feel that Jennifer is a community hero because everything this young lady does is for the community of Hanover. Way to go Jennifer Smith!!” Edited CH Tall

We would also like to to recognize all of the other nominees for the great work that they do:

Kevin Lorentz was nominated by Lisa Gray who said the following: “Kevin goes out of his way to always help his neighbours, friends, and family, no matter what the situation. He is a great father and enjoys spending time with his family, but will not hesitate to drop everything to help out even a complete stranger if they are in need. Kevin helps out so much that he rarely enjoys a weekend off. On top of everything that he does for others, he is also a volunteer firefighter in his community. He is pretty exceptional and any community would be lucky to have him.”

Special thanks goes out to The Durrer Group will be giving a $100 and $50 gift card to Kevin and Lisa for getting the second most votes.

Jenny Kreutzkamp was nominated by several people including Jen Lueck who said the following: “I would like to nominate Jenny Kreutzkamp as my and many people’s community hero! Jenny is the worlds best crossing guard there is, and we are the lucky ones to have her here in Chesley! Jenny is there waiting for the community day in and day out, no matter how cold, wet, hot or stormy it is outside. If the school is open, you can bet she is there. No matter how your day is going Jenny always has a big smile for everyone she crosses, and you cannot help but smile back! There have been many times she makes my day a whole lot better by simply tickling my daughters toes or saying something funny as we walk across the street. There’s not a day that we don’t look forward to seeing her waiting for us  and she even waits after we drop our children off to ensure the moms, dads and caregivers make it back home safely! Thanks so much for everything you do Jenny! Chesley loves you!”

MaryLou Thompson was nominated by Tami Thompson who said the following: “I would like to nominate my mom, MaryLou Thompson to be the Craig, McDonald, Reddon Community Hero. MaryLou is the Warehouse Manager for the Salvation Army Food Bank in Hanover. You often see her in stores throughout the town collecting food donations for the less fortunate in our area. She always has a smile on her face and a kind gesture for everyone she meets. She always puts herself last when it comes to serving others in our community. I feel that her selfless disposition deserves recognition as the CMR Community Hero :)”

Chris Pagett and Jess Pagett were nominated by Cheri Mollison who said the following: “The way Cris Pagett (16) & Jess Pagett (15) give back to the community amaze me! Cris is involved with the Abbeyfield Ducky race; VBS game Co-ordinator; Junior Naturalist; Junior Leader; Junior Director of the Durham Agri Council; Durham Choir member (4 years); and server at the Durham Hospital. Jess’s activities include VBS Junior Leader; Girl Guides; Ontario Heritage Fair Founders Award; Lady Baden Powell Pin; Junior Judge for Durham Fall Fair; and Rachel’s Challenge (stopping drug use amongst teens/peers). They are both in TAG for the West Grey library, maintain the Durham Hort Community Garden & help with the Durham food hampers. As past President of the Hanover Rotary Club, I’m proud to say they have helped at our events including our Easter Egg Hunt, Relay for Life barbecue, Hanover Fair barbecue, Heroes for Hope barbecue, and Hazardous Waste Day & Salvation Army kettle shift. Cris & Jess are great examples of what Community Heroes are all about!”

Vicki Traverse was nominated by Jen Durrer who said the following: “I am nominating Vicki Traverse at the SandBox Day Care to be the CMR Community Hero. Vicki has been my personal hero on several occasions — she is a second mom to my children – she cares for them “after hours” when we need assistance. Vicki owns and operates the Day Care in Hanover, making her a hero to 60+ families!   She gives us parents the peace of mind when we drop our little ones off for the day knowing that they will be loved beyond measure, taken care of, well fed, and taught important life lessons like breaking down barriers of disabilities and “social rankings”.  As working parents, we understand she is in part “raising our children”.   Therefore, she is grooming the next generation… a new generation of community heroes!   In her heart, she would never want a prize… but I want her to know how much I appreciate her and what a positive impact she has had on me!”

John Kollias was nominated by Calene Glousher who said the following: “Upon reading the words “Community Hero” the name “Johnny K” came to my mind almost instantly. I’m sure I’m not alone when I express my appreciation for this easy going, kind-hearted citizen. Many people in our community know John as a local small business man from his downtown store Johnny K Sports. For those who haven’t experienced his bubbly personality through the search of sports equipment, I’m sure you have ventured in there at least once or twice to pick up some tickets to a local event or charity fundraiser. John is always one of the first people to offer his assistance with such events. From selling tickets to being a great coach, John is one of the most approachable – and generous – individuals in our town. I believe John should be recognized through this contest for his outstanding amount of community involvement, and because “It’s ALWAYS a great day at Johnny K!”

Joe Rys was nominated by Dave Farrell who said the following: “I would like to nominate Joe Rys of Walkerton as the community hero! He is the Leader of the Longest Day of Golf which has raised over $700,000 in support of the Canadian Cancer Society held at the Walkerton Golf & Country Club since 1994. He has recruited physicians to our area and has been a chair of the Walkerton & District Health Services Foundation. Joe has lent his talents to numerous fundraising activities within the community over many years. Vote for Joe!”

Quaiden (last name unknown) was nominated by Allana Lewis who said the following: “Vote for Quaiden, he is my community hero he would drop anything to help someone out, and always has a smile on his face no matter what, if he was to win this it would help him out at school with his learning disability Quaiden gives it his all at school and with this it could give him the chance to not be so frustrated with writing. Thank you for your votes.”

Julie Dunlop was nominated by Kelsey-Rose MacDonald who said the following: “I want to nominate my figure skating coach Julie Dunlop. She is always there for not just me but all her skaters she will drop anything to help her skaters or power skaters out. She is always smiling cheering everyone on. Not only is she a figure skating coach but she is a mom to two wonderful kids that need her there also and when she can she’s always cheering on her son’s hockey team in Alliston or being a hair model for her daughter as she does hair. So not only is my hero a coach but she is also a very deserving mom who deserves to win this and I am happy to nominate someone so deserving as her.”