An Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (“UAV”) commonly known as a drone is an aircraft operated by remote control without a pilot on board. Originally developed for military purposes, they are now becoming an increasingly common tool used in various businesses.

Talk to your CMR Broker today if you or your company use a drone for any of the following purposes:

· surveying;

· aerial photography;

· inspections;

· security work;

· filming;

· delivery services;

· real estate;

· farming; or

· any other commercial activity.

Drones present unique risks business owners. If you are already making money with your Drone or UAV, or if you have plans to do so in the near future, it is a smart decision to insure your drone now.


Having the proper coverage can give you the confidence to complete your work without worry and also limit your liability in case of an accident. Aside from liability protection, Transport Canada also requires that companies have proper insurance coverage for these devices. You will need to familiarize yourself with the rules and regulations surrounding drone usage and keep in mind that insurance won’t cover fines and court costs that come along with any provincial, federal or municipal law infractions.

Are you in compliance with Transport Canada Rules and Guidelines?


Commercial drone insurance can be arranged to cover the following:

· damage to the drone;

· loss of the drone;

· ground station equipment;

· drone-mounted devices (i.e. cameras, spare parts);

· liability to third party property;

· liability for bodily injury; and

· business protection

Contact us today to learn more about why Drone or UAV Insurance is so important for your business.